Just Keep Moving

I am a fighter. I fight for what’s right and fair. When someone says, “Life isn’t fair,” my response is, “But it should be.” And I fight to make it that way. I don’t believe I deserve more than anyone else. I’m not more special or more worthy than they are… but they’re not more special or more worthy than I am either. We are all equal, and we all deserve to be treated with the same respect. When that doesn’t happen, it causes me great anguish, and thus describes my 2017.

I spent so much time and effort this year fighting. Fighting for what’s right. Fighting fo Read More

Is This Real?

Have you ever had so many crazy things happen that your brain tells you it can’t be real? Or has someone ever come into your life who has such a different view on things that it makes you question your own perception of reality? That was my 2016.

I’ve always thought of myself as very level-headed. Not too optimistic. Not too pessimistic. I’m realistic. Like Goldilocks, I found what’s “just right”. I like to stay right in the middle where I have the best view of the world and can clearly see all sides. But, from my position grounded firmly in the center of reality, what if Read More

Goodbye, 2015

Oh, 2015, I had such high hopes for you. And then life happened.

This year, after more than a decade in a career that I hate, I finally recognized what has been staring me in the face my whole life: my perfect career. Indescribable relief and joy! Finally there was hope for happiness.

I started working toward my new career. Then I stopped, or paused, in order to make money to finance it and support my life. Big mistake. One I’ll regret forever. Everything inside of me, every bone in my body, was telling me not to do it, but I ignored that. I thought I was doing the right thi Read More

My Year in Review

Let’s recap the past year in my life:

I closed my business. Defeat. I tried to figure out what to do next. Hopelessness. I considered moving to a new city for a fresh start. Desperation. I decided to stay in the same city to prove that I could be successful there. Stress. I tried to figure out what to do next. Depression. I went back to my previous career for some temporary consulting jobs. Shame. I’m still trying to figure out what to do next. Confusion.

There seems to be a common theme in my life recently. I don’t know what to do, so I settle for “good enough”.

I Read More

Moving On

Since I closed my business, I’ve been trying to move on and look toward the future. The problem is, when I look into the future, I see nothing but a big, blank space. I have no idea what I want to do with my life.

I temporarily slipped back into my comfort zone and accepted two short-term consulting jobs in my old career field of tax and accounting. When the opportunities came up, I had no other job, no other business, and no other plan. I couldn’t think of any valid excuse to tur Read More

6 Things I Did Wrong in Business

After much anticipation, stress and a little desperation, I finally did it. I started my own business! And it failed (as is painfully documented here). After learning my background, someone asked me how I decided to start my new business. I replied, “I closed my eyes and jumped.” While that is a good way for adventures to begin, I wasn’t cliff diving off the Hawaiian Islands. I was making a decision that could impact the rest of my life and risking my career, life savings, and professional reputation. Was I naïve Read More

Rebound Jobs

In a grandiose attempt to get as far away from my old accounting career as possible and to prove that I could be a risk-taker (the anti-accountant, I told myself), I started a business doing something I had never done before and knew very little about. Smart, right? It was definitely not something a conservative, practical accountant-type would do, but I think that’s what I was going for. This was a rebound job.

Much like a rebound relationship, a rebound job is something you jump into impulsively, shortly after the bitter end of a long-term job, while you’re feeling emotionally Read More

Update Part 6: Defeat?

I want to be one of those people who learns from bad experiences and doesn’t make the same mistakes again. Apparently I’m not one of those people. Once again, I had believed that someone was serious about buying my business, and once again, they had wasted my time. But I suppose I was partly to blame since I let it happen… over and over again.

January 2014 – After receiving that out-of-the-blue message from the medical spa manager about buying my business, I quickly, yet cautiously, responded. I received no response in return. Was I surprised? Actually, yes! Read More

Update Part 5: Anger

I had been excited to start my business.  I had been ecstatic to sell my business.  But now I was just angry.  Why would the gym back out of the sale and not tell me?  Why would they string me along and waste my time?  Why would they let me close my business if they weren’t going to buy it?  It wasn’t right.  It wasn’t fair.  Now I had no money from the (cancelled) sale and no income.  I needed to find a new buyer… fast.

December 2013 – After the initial shock and subsequent anger, I managed to calm down enough to think more clearly about what to d Read More

Update Part 4: Hopelessness

It was crazy to think that venturing into new territory and opening a medical spa could lead me right back to my previous career in tax and accounting.  But that could be exactly what was happening.  My medical spa was now located inside of a rapidly expanding exercise facility, and the owner wanted me to take over the accounting functions for his organization.  I was just waiting for approval from his business partner.  For now, the fate of my new career was out of my hands.  But I was about to have bigger problems to deal with.

October 2013 – It was nice of Read More