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How to Not Get Fired

Today I found out that someone I work with is getting fired on Friday.

The organization I’m currently working for includes many companies and many worthless, incompetent, disreputable employees.  Throughout my contract position there, I’ve been asking, begging, pleading that these people be fired.  They bring down the productivity, reputation, and overall success of the organization.  But so far – nothing.  The woman who will be unexpectedly dismissed on Friday is none of those things.  She’s only been with the company for six weeks but appears to be responsible and hard Read More

The Truth About Vacations

I just got home from a vacation.  Normally, people take vacations to relax, have fun, and enjoy some time away from the routine of normal life.  However, when you hate your job, vacations are for a different purpose – to escape.

When I had a job that I liked, I looked forward to vacations, not to escape a life that I hated, but as a way to have fun and enjoy a different aspect of my life.  I’ve always liked to travel, and after working hard and achieving goals at work, I liked to reward myself for a job well done by taking some time to travel and relax.  I was able to enjoy m Read More

Your Job: Passion vs. Paycheck

Some people are passionate about their work.  They do it because they love it, and the paycheck is a bonus.  Working hard, achieving professional recognition, and being an important part of a successful business make them feel fulfilled.  Succeeding at work makes them feel successful in life.

Other people, however, work for the paycheck.  They seek fulfillment from their personal lives, rather than from work.  They use work as a means to an end, a paycheck to fund their efforts to achieve personal success apart of work.  Success to them means having a fulfilling personal life, Read More

About Me

My name is Anonymous, and I hate my awesome job.

I’ve worked as an independent contractor and consultant in the finance/tax/accounting field since graduating from college ten years ago. I set my own schedule and hours, the pay is great, and I can take as much time off as I want.  I should love my job.  My job is awesome.  But I hate it.

I should quit.  But…

Should I change careers?

I set my goal to work in this field when I was in high school.  I worked hard in college, passed my professional exams, got a job with one of the top firms, and began my caree Read More