Update Part 3: Depression to Hope

I started my own business.  Yay!  But my business location was a disaster.  What do I do now?  I couldn’t give up on my dream of owning my own business after only seven months.  I had to keep going and try again to make it work.

July 2013 – I searched the city for a new location.  I was frustrated that I had to move so soon after opening the business, but I couldn’t stay at a place that was negatively impacting my business.  So I moved forward, optimistic that this change could be the key to making my business a success.

I still liked the idea of Read More

Update Part 2: Frustration

I had always dreamed of having my own business, and I finally did it!  I was open and ready for business.  But there was one important piece of the puzzle missing… clients.  I better work on that.

January 2013 – I decided to ease into my new industry by marketing my business to friends and other people that I knew first to give me the opportunity to gain more experience and become more comfortable providing medical spa services to clients (as opposed to providing accounting services, which I had done in my career up to this point).  I talked to everyone I cou Read More

Update Part 1: Excitement

I can’t believe it has been so long since my last post!  So much has happened since then.  I feel like I was sucked up into a tornado and then spit out in a totally foreign place, life, and situation that I don’t recognize.  Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.  Except I have no ruby slippers to send me back home, so I’m forced to make a new life for myself in this strange, new land.

Although, while I do sometimes wish I had a Wizard or a Genie or a time machine to transport me back to my old life, I don’t know if I really want to go back.  I left my old life for a reason. Read More

A New Perspective

I’m still (Voluntarily) Unemployed and Loving It…but that feeling is fading fast.  Since quitting my job, I’ve been having a great time relaxing, traveling and having fun on this well-deserved, much-needed time off from work.  I’ve loved having the time and flexibility to do things that I enjoy.  For the first time in a long time, my life doesn’t revolve around work.  Although, my career is still always on my mind.  My time off is a hiatus Read More

Life is Exciting Again

I finally quit my job (yay!), and now life is exciting again!  The dark cloud of negativity that had been hanging over me disappeared and now I see nothing but sunshine, clear blue skies, and exciting possibilities.  No longer are my thoughts consumed by pessimism.  My thoughts have now turned toward all the potential life has and all the new goals I could achieve:

I want to change careers.  I’ve accomplished everything I set out to accomplish in my current career.  While it didn’t turn out exactly as I had anticipated, I achieved my goals, and now I’m exc Read More

Unemployed and Loving It

I quit my job!  The job I hated; the job that seemingly hated me.  I finally quit!  And now I’m free from the burden that was dragging down my life, my confidence, and my chance at happiness.  Now, entering my second week of unemployment, I’m still living in a state of euphoria.  I’m relieved I don’t have to put up with the corporate chaos anymore, and I’m pleased I will no longer be anyone’s undercompensated ghost employee, but most of all I’m proud that I stood up for myself and for what is right.

I was unhappy at my job for a long time.  I tried discussing my c Read More

Thanks, Universe!

I believe that when we’re confused about situations in life and we don’t know what to do, the universe gives us hints to help us find the right answer.  The hints start out small, but if we don’t catch them and are still confused, the universe gives us bigger hints until we recognize them and use the hints to figure out the right thing to do.

As I mentioned in About Me, I hate my awesome job, and I want to quit, but I haven’t yet figured out if that is what I sho Read More

How to Not Get Fired

Today I found out that someone I work with is getting fired on Friday.

The organization I’m currently working for includes many companies and many worthless, incompetent, disreputable employees.  Throughout my contract position there, I’ve been asking, begging, pleading that these people be fired.  They bring down the productivity, reputation, and overall success of the organization.  But so far – nothing.  The woman who will be unexpectedly dismissed on Friday is none of those things.  She’s only been with the company for six weeks but appears to be responsible and hard Read More

The Truth About Vacations

I just got home from a vacation.  Normally, people take vacations to relax, have fun, and enjoy some time away from the routine of normal life.  However, when you hate your job, vacations are for a different purpose – to escape.

When I had a job that I liked, I looked forward to vacations, not to escape a life that I hated, but as a way to have fun and enjoy a different aspect of my life.  I’ve always liked to travel, and after working hard and achieving goals at work, I liked to reward myself for a job well done by taking some time to travel and relax.  I was able to enjoy m Read More

Your Job: Passion vs. Paycheck

Some people are passionate about their work.  They do it because they love it, and the paycheck is a bonus.  Working hard, achieving professional recognition, and being an important part of a successful business make them feel fulfilled.  Succeeding at work makes them feel successful in life.

Other people, however, work for the paycheck.  They seek fulfillment from their personal lives, rather than from work.  They use work as a means to an end, a paycheck to fund their efforts to achieve personal success apart of work.  Success to them means having a fulfilling personal life, Read More