Vent About Your Job

Whether you have a bad job or just had a bad day at your awesome job…

Share your stories and vent your feelings here!

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14 Responses to “Vent About Your Job”

  1. Sandwich Shop Guy says :

    I absolutely f~~~~~~ hate my job and everything I do at it.

    I hate that I have to deal with d~~~~~~ customers that don’t know what the f~~~ they’re doing half the time, and coworkers who’re too young to know what they’re doing either. I hate picking up the phone for a delivery someone’s about to place, only to have them immediately go through a giant f~~~~~~ order without pause before I can ask their f~~~~~~ address.

    I f~~~~~~ hate that one of my managers is an “assistant” manager (We have two for some b~~~~~~~ reason, 20 workers, sure, let’s have two,) that didn’t work to get there, unless you count all the hours she spent on her f~~~~~~ knees. I hate that she gets paid more than the assistant manager that actually f~~~~~~ WORKED to get there. I HATE that she’s actually the worst f~~~~~~ employee (not counting the inshoppers).

    I don’t like my coworkers, except for a select few, and even them I’m having issues of trust when they barely f~~~~~~ talk or open up to me. I hate those stupid little f~~~~~~ they hire that are 16 and don’t know what the f~~~ a REAL problem is, so they cry about school s~~~ and drama that nobody gives a f~~~ about besides themselves.

    I hate that the general manager can’t read a f~~~~~~ NOTE! Every day I ask for off, he f~~~~ up completely and schedules me anyway. HE ACTUALLY LEFT A NOTE SAYING “IF ANYONE ASKS FOR ANYMORE DAYS OFF, YOU’LL BE WRITTEN UP AND TERMINATED”. F~~~ him. F~~~ him. He doesn’t know what the f~~~ he’s doing, and he gets paid the most!

    I hate my general manager. F~~~ him.


    He f~~~~ up the schedule EVERY time. How? I don’t know. We’re “understaffed”, even though his license only lets him oversee 16-24 employed persons at one store at one time (We’re closing in on 24 after the newbies join in the next few weeks). Is it that hard to make sure I don’t work on the ONE DAY I ASK FOR OFF EVERY F~~~~~~ WEEK?
    AND WHY DOES THE SCHEDULE ONLY GO FOR ONE F~~~~~~ WEEK AT A TIME? I HAVE NO IDEA IF I WORK TWO TUESDAYS FROM NOW, OR IN A MONTH; NO, I ONLY KNOW IF I WORK WEDNESDAY THROUGH TUESDAY THIS WEEK, AND AT AROUND 5 ON TUESDAY, I’LL KNOW IF I WORK THE FOLLOWING DAY (Wednesday). IN WHAT BACKWARDS WAY DOES THIS WORK OUT FOR ANYONE? What, so I can’t make my own plans because you can’t f~~~~~~ calculate? Go back to school, learn 6th grade math again, and come back when you’re not a f~~~~~~ d~~~~~~.

    I hate that half our staff are p~~~~~~~; I have nothing against p~~, I just wish they’d shut the f~~~ up about it. I also hate that one of the managers just f~~~~~~ takes breaks, without clocking out, so he can smoke w~~~ in his f~~~~~~ car.

    I hate that I only get paid a dollar over minimum wage. I know it’s more than most get paid around these parts, but I started at $0.75 over minimum and just got a raise after 6 f~~~~~~ months working at that hell hole. Now I make 25 cents more than the other drivers, and a dollar more than those lazy inshoppers. By the way, f~~~ them for not doing their jobs half the time.

    We finish the night with after closing procedures, most of the time getting out of the store thirty good minutes after close; BUT because half the f~~~~~~ inshoppers don’t know what the f~~~ they’re doing, and are lazy f~~~~ that only do s~~~ when they’re f~~~~~~ told- i.e. instead of just doing it on their f~~~~~~ own without someone asking- end up making us leave well after an hour after we officially lock the doors.

    F~~~ the inshoppers. A bunch of f~~~~~~ “swag” teens, they all annoy me to no end. Two or three are older than 18, but the oldest person in the shop (the general manager) is 26! What f~~~~~~ school did he go to? Because I’m sure all that money he gives to his f~~~~~~ mouthbreathing girlfriend (The fake assistant manager that didn’t earn her way up) behind the owner’s backs. That c~~~ girlfriend of his GOT A RAISE AFTER SHE QUIT AND CAME BACK. She doesn’t deserve more money.

    It’s all drama b~~~~~~~.

    I would leave in a heartbeat if I didn’t get paid relatively better than most. But that’s the thing, it’s relative. You find me a job that pays $11 as apposed to $9, I’m all ears. You find me a job that pays better than what I’m making and I’ll take it.

    I hate my job.

    • Administrator says :

      I feel your pain! And not just because I’ve been in a similar situation. But because you’re clearly a very articulate, expressive, passionate person. Have you thought about writing, acting, or any other field where having those qualities is advantageous? Don’t focus on finding a job that pays a certain about of money; focus on finding a career that you’re passionate about. The money will follow. Your passion can be used for something other than hating your job! No one deserves to be so miserable. Best of luck to you!

  2. Lynn says :

    I have been at my job for 2 years. I am so unhappy with my pay. I have a child in daycare and am considering quitting to watch other kids in my home. I would take home more than I do now by avoiding the cost of daycare. I work

    • Administrator says :

      For some reason, only part of your comment is shown, but kudos for thinking outside of the box! So often people stay in jobs they hate rather than brainstorming other options, and your idea of starting your own daycare sounds like a great alternative given your situation: you would be able to quit the job you hate, spend more time with your child, and make money at the same time. I hope it works out for you!

  3. Maye says :

    To make a very long story short, I’ve been working in non-profit for going on 6 months and every day I have loathed the idea of coming into work. I live for Friday’s. That is the only thing that keeps me going. For me, the biggest reason why I hate my job is due to management. My direct supervisor who is the Director of my team has zero experience in management and leadership. He also is not a people’s person. He is extremely awkward and doesn’t have the slightest idea how to resolve conflicts. If a major problem comes up and you discuss it with you, he ask the most irrelevant questions or comments that doesn’t help you do anything. You basically are left to solve the problem on your own and he doesn’t even bother to credit you.

    My organization has no job security and there is no room to grow or move up on the organization. In the past 5 months, 8 people have left including the CEO/President and an entire program has been cut due to budgets problems leaving 3 people out of a job. There were 3 people who’d been with the organization for more than 5 years and they all have left. Not one of them were given any promotions. Just the same dead in, repetitive job for 5+years. I have been searching desperately for work having talked with 3 different job recruitment agencies because I am so desperate to find another job. I have a BA Degree and will be returning in the fall to graduate school pursuing my Masters in Public Administration.

    I need something that will allow me to grow and offer my perks like being able to work from home or setting your own hours. But then again, if I had a better supervisor, I think I would be so much more happy.

    My job has given me so much anxiety it’s really unhealthy. It has consumed my mind and every Sunday, all I do is think about not wanting to go into the office the next day. I’ve decided that August 8th will be my last day. I’ve circle the day on my calendar. I have yet to tell my supervisor but if I were to find something else well before then, I am OUT. My mind and body and spirit cannot take it anymore. I am just tired of working for an organization that had people who doesn’t believe in the mission and the hierarchy/chain of command is non-existence. As workers, people within my team and I are constantly having to jump through rings of fire to accommodate our program, yet, our Director doesn’t have to lead us. To be honest, I have not the slightest idea what the hell he does besides sit at his computer all day and look at databases. I am simply just fed up. I pray to the good God above that another job comes through for me and I can move on with my life. I deserve better pay and to be treated better.

    • Administrator says :

      I relate to your comment so much! It’s great that you started working with recruiters to find a new job and that you’re going back to school. Even though you’ve only been at your job for six months, when something isn’t right for you, you just know. It’s too easy to become complacent and stay in a bad situation, so be proud that you’re being proactive! Since your August 8th deadline has passed (my apologies for getting behind on my posts), did you quit your job as planned? How is school going? Did you find a new job? I’d love to hear an update on your journey! Good luck to you in finding a satisfying career that you enjoy!

  4. Ann says :

    I’m happy that I found your blog. I have to choose between a high paying job that puts me back in the corporate rat race that I left a few years ago or staying in one that contributes to the community & to my happiness. Currently, I am working at state agency in an environmental job that I love. It is an entry level administrative job that is only about $30k a year but it has great benefits including full tuition reimbursement, pension and long term job security. Prior to working this job, I was in the tech industry for 20 years and was laid off multiple times, the last time was a few years ago. Since there were no local jobs in my industry, I was forced to start over. Recently, the company that previous laid me off, called and offered me my job back. The pay would be 3x’s what I’m making now but the work is not something I believe in nor enjoy doing. In fact, it goes against my belief system. Instead of helping to save the environment, I would be contributing to the problem. The paycheck would be great but is it worth giving up the happiness I have found? I am able to pay my bills, save a little and fall asleep happy at night. The work environment is wonderful and it is a bike ride away from my home. I worry about not having a huge nest egg but things seem to always work out. It’s a tough decision. I am leaning towards staying in my current job that I love and utilizing their tuition reimbursement benefit to further my new career. The other option is to take the job offer and work there for a few years and save up some cash. The company is a fast growing start up that I expect to be sold within the next 1-5 years so I would be out of job again. How does one make decisions such as this?

    • Administrator says :

      That is a tough decision, but you said the magic words: You’re working at a job you love. I’m jealous! I understand the temptation to take the new job because of the increase in pay, but as long as you can pay your bills at your current job with a little left over, money is not the most important factor to consider. I love your idea about staying at your current job and taking advantage of the tuition reimbursement opportunity. With more training and education in your field, there’s a good chance that you’ll make more money, and you won’t have to sacrifice your beliefs and happiness. Congratulations on finding a job that you love!

  5. Zed says :

    I’m in a similar situation to OliviaO. I graduated from uni last year and struggled to get a job in the field I studied as I didn’t have any experience. I worked my a~~ off to rectify that by doing work experience then finally got taken on by the company after a few months. Now I really don’t like the job, yet everyone keeps congratulating me. I’ve got a brand new BMW company car, company benefits, good pay etc but it just doesn’t make me happy. I feel trapped. I’ve met some god people though but now I really dislike the job. I’ve discovered I absolutely hate commuting an hour each way to work daily, it actually makes me angry. I’d rather give the car back and work somewhere in working distance! Reply I’d like to start my own business but I cannot think of anything useful. I can’t really leave my job now unless I have something else that will ‘pay’ a similar amount. My husband would go mad as he practically paid for everything whilst I was at uni and it caused him to go into his over draft every month. I’ve been in the job 7 months now and I haven’t warmed to it. I don’t think a similar job with another company would be much better as the working conditions are pretty similar with all the company’s in the industry. I don’t know where to go from here, can’t afford to go back to uni and study something else (I’d like to do something tech relayed e.g. computer science), can’t afford to just quit, can’t think of a viable business idea to start on the side and build up. I think this job is actually making me ill. At some point something has to give…

    • Administrator says :

      Your situation sounds so similar to mine. It’s giving me flashbacks! My first job after graduating from college seemed perfect too, and it made me feel guilty and spoiled for not liking it. But trust your instincts! You will know when something is not right for you, and there’s nothing wrong with that, even when it comes with a free BMW. First of all, congratulations on achieving your goal! You wanted to graduate from university and get a good job in your field. That’s exactly what you did! You should be happy that you accomplished your goal. When you set that goal originally, you couldn’t have known that you wouldn’t like working in this field, so don’t feel bad about that. Now it’s time to set a new goal. I think it’s great that you already have an idea of another industry you’re interested in. You’re already ahead of me when I was in your situation. Since your current job pays you well, and you said you can’t afford to go to school without working, perhaps a good compromise would be to go to school part-time to study the new industry and continue working at your job temporarily until you can finish your next round of classes and get a job in the new field. Staying at your job a while longer could also buy you some time to think of an idea for a new business to start. However, if your job is truly making you ill, it might be best to quit and get a lesser paying job that is closer to your home and more enjoyable while you plan and work towards achieving your next goal. No job is worth sacrificing your happiness and well-being. You worked hard to get to where you are in life, and you deserve to be happy, so don’t settle for less! Remember that no matter what you choose to do at this point, this bad situation is only temporary until you achieve your next goal. Good luck! I wish you the best.

  6. Lidu says :

    Thank you for writing about your awesome job.

    I also have awesome job. My job is to be a student. My employers are my parents, so my task is fullfilling their expectations, having good grades and in return recieving financial support. I havn’t had any trouble until I enrolled at university. My point of realization came in the middle of second year. I am here, because I never considered another option. To my parents, university degree is just one level of the basic education. As far as I remember, I have allways hated school. It was the necessary evil for me. And now I fell like I am part of this necessary evil voluntarily.
    Many people would say (and many do) that I just don’t realise how lucky I am. I do realise it. But that knowledge doesn’t change the fact that I run out of will to continue. I tbelieve it’s dangerous for me to continue, when I don’t even know what I want. At the same time, when I don’t know what I want, what else do I want to do? I have literally nothing to start from. And there’s the danger which you mentioned: I change place, but problems remain. (I know that changing schools is no option. If I could choose again, I would still choose this one.) I compared studying to working on purpose. I´m afraid that my problem wouldn’t change even if I found full-time job.
    If you would find time to short response, I would be grateful. I will gladly except even scolding. After all, from your point of view, I can be just child with no right to compare our situations.

    Sincerely, burnt out student Ludmila

    • Administrator says :

      Thank you for sharing your story! I would never scold you for being open and honest and being confused about what you want in life. It seems that you’re thinking very clearly and logically about your situation, and that’s half the battle! Most people in your situation (and mine) either impulsively quit their job or school with no plan for the future, or stay in their current situation and remain miserable and depressed and make no effort to improve things.

      I think the first step when you’re unhappy should always be to figure out why you’re unhappy and think of ways to improve your situation. It seems like you’ve given this a lot of thought; although, you didn’t say why you don’t like school. Could you be studying something that you’re not interested in? School is a great chance to try out areas you might not otherwise get to experience. If you try taking different kinds of classes, you might find something you really enjoy.

      You mentioned leaving school as an option. Since you don’t think you would be any happier working instead of going to school, and you said don’t currently have any work experience to base a new life or career on, I believe you should stay in school, especially since you’re already half-way through. It sounds like you don’t yet know what kind of job you want, with or without school, so why not get an education and a degree while you figure it out? You’ll come out steps ahead of where you would be without a college education, and hopefully by then you’ll have a better idea of the kind of career you would enjoy. However, I have to add that if you truly think it would be “dangerous” for you to continue, then the best thing to do could be to take a semester or a year off to clear your head and re-examine your priorities. Don’t sacrifice your health and happiness!

      If you do decide it’s best to continue with school, I’ll tell you the same thing I tell myself when I’m in a situation I don’t like. First, set a goal and a time limit. For example, the goal is to graduate in two more years. I always think it helps to have a time limit to remind yourself that you don’t have to be in this bad situation forever! It’s only temporary, and you’re continuing because the ultimate goal will benefit you in the future. Second, if you don’t like something, mix in things you do like, and you won’t notice the bad things as much. For example, 1) If you don’t like your accounting classes, mix in some psychology or art or other fun classes. 2) If you don’t like your job, mix in a small business or a second “fun” job or some volunteer work. 3) If you don’t like eating your vegetables, mix in some cheese and potatoes (yummy!). 4) If you don’t like school, mix in something you do like to distract you until you graduate. You could get a fun part-time job or join a club at school or find anything else you enjoy that will give you something else to focus on besides school for a few hours a week. This might not be a long-term solution, but it could help get you through the rest of school until you graduate and get to move on with your life.

      I definitely don’t think it’s uncommon to dislike school, and many times it is a “necessary evil”, like you said. It could be the final step to your perfect career… you just can’t see it yet. Keep your eye on the goal (graduation!), remind yourself it’s only temporary, and find something fun to distract you. Enjoy this time in your life! It will be over before you know it. Good luck and keep me updated on your story!

  7. OliviaO says :

    I relate so much to what you are writing here! I am in a similar situation, but it is harder for me to distinguish if it is genuinely my job making me unhappy because it is my first professional job. How am I supposed to know if I am unhappy because I am undergoing the huge transition from university life to working, or if it is the job itself? I also think it is unrealistic to think that any job will be perfect, but I can only seem to focus on the negative aspects right now, even though there are so many positives: lots of trust, responsibility, flexibility, good colleagues, great training. I just don’t know how to make a logical decision about the best route forward when I can’t disentangle my feelings about my job from my feelings about adult life in general. Obviously it would be great to sit on a beach all day doing something that feels productive, but I don’t know what that thing would be for me. I have also tended to catastrophise about the future, and the thought of doing the same job for years, sitting in the same office, terrifies me. Surely it would be better to learn to love the job I have than walking away to risk feeling the same way about any other job? My anxiety about this whole situation has got so bad that it is taking over my non-working hours, and I have sought medical help. I just can’t see a route forward, and desperately want to learn to love the job I am in for at least a few years, so I have enough experience to move onto something else. Anyway, keep posting, I will definitely be following your story! When did you realise the job was wrong for you? I have only been here four months, and want to give it a chance. Thanks, Olivia

    • Administrator says :

      I’m so sorry to hear about your situation! Being unhappy with your job makes it so difficult to be happy with your life as a whole. I’m glad that you’re considering the possibility that the transition from school to work might be contributing to your unhappiness, and you’re not giving up on your job just yet. I definitely understand the panic that you feel when you think of working at the same job in the same office for years and the miserable life you envision yourself having under those circumstances. But I think it is that fear that will drive you to improve your situation for your future self. I believe that things happen for a reason. I hated my job, and I realized immediately that it wasn’t right for me, but I made so many great business contacts there that eventually helped me get my own clients and allowed me to save enough money to start my own business. It might help to keep in mind that this job could just be a stepping stone to something better…not just by giving you experience, but by introducing you to clients, customers, and other companies that are interested in what you do. It could hold a puzzle piece you need to build your perfect career! Since you’ve only been at your job for four months, I suggest staying focused on the positives of the job and the positives that you’ll take away from the job if you decide to move on. Try to stay for a year and then re-evaluate the situation. If you still feel the same, it might be time to move on to a new job or a new career field. No job is worth sacrificing your happiness! Good luck and keep me updated! I’m working on some new posts to update you on my situation. Thanks for reading!

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