Goodbye, 2015

Oh, 2015, I had such high hopes for you. And then life happened.

This year, after more than a decade in a career that I hate, I finally recognized what has been staring me in the face my whole life: my perfect career. Indescribable relief and joy! Finally there was hope for happiness.

I started working toward my new career. Then I stopped, or paused, in order to make money to finance it and support my life. Big mistake. One I’ll regret forever. Everything inside of me, every bone in my body, was telling me not to do it, but I ignored that. I thought I was doing the right thing, the responsible thing, by putting my finances ahead of my dreams and the life I wanted. I was wrong. So wrong.

I tried to go back, to pick up where I left off and continue pursuing my new career and dream life, but it was gone, no longer an option. That life was stolen while I was away being “responsible”. I had allowed my head to overrule my gut, and it cost me everything.

It’s too late for this year, and I can’t ever go back, but I have to find a way to go forward. So my New Year’s Resolution is this: I will trust my intuition! Even if it doesn’t make sense or seem like what I should do, there could be more at play than what I realize at the time. And when I hear that little voice inside my head warning me, I will listen to it!

Goodbye, 2015. You won’t be missed. I’m ready for a new year and a new chance.

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